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Are We Being Watched? - UFO'S

The old saying goes, seeing is believing. I was a fairly young teenager, age 16, when I encounter my first sighting of a UFO. Since that day, I have been a believer.
There is no other logical explanation of what I saw. I tried in my head to decipher what could have caused this vision. Time and time again I could only agree with myself this was something not from here.
My whole life I have been fascinated by science fiction. "The War of The Worlds" by Orson Wells was one of my old time favorites. So favorite, I designed a mock-up movie poster in my graphic design class. My father even listened to the actually broadcast where many people thought it was "live radio" and the world was being invaded. I was convinced little green men like this existed.
Even though most the story line of the television show Lost in Space was pretty unbelievable, I still sat glued to the set for each weekly episode. I had to know what Will Robinson and family would do to solve their lost in space dilemmas.
Now after witnessing my 2nd sighting, again here in the Los Angeles area, I am convinced we are not alone. Unfortunately I am unable to watch any of the latest monster or alien movies. They implant strange ideas in my mind and during an earthquake, I think some of these creatures are after me. Silly? YES! or maybe not??? you decide!!

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