The Wonderful World of Frogs

Don't ask me how or why but I am INTO frogs. It all started back in high school when given a nick name of bull frog. Not too glamorous for a girl, but a guy used to call me that to get my attention. Other friends shortened it to froggie and for some strange reason, the name stuck.
About 25 years ago I started my career in photography. I worked in a small office with four other employees. Suddenly ceramic frogs of all shapes and sizes started to appear on my desk. Within months, my desk was decorated with frogs. I was actually beginning to take a liking to them. My family and friends started adding to my collection and before I knew it, I was hooked.
I have a china cabinet filled to capacity with approximately 1,000 frogs. In the collection are various silver, gold and costume jewelry frogs, in addition to hats and T-shirts. There are not enough arms, toes and fingers in my family to display my entire collection of jewelry. I have now started a collection of carved masks with frogs on them or in the shape of frogs. Upon setting foot in my house, you will instantly know I collect frogs. Actually you don't even have to come inside. It starts in my yard.
Now you can understand why I had to make a page dedicated to frogs. If you come across any clip art of new frogs, or actually anything to do with frogs,or favorite links of yours, please upload it to me via email.
I have found many friends around the world from Australia, Singapore and Czech Republic, who have sent me frogs from their home countries. If you live in a foreign land (from Los Angeles where I live) and you can find any unique frogs from your land, please drop me a line I would be happy to pay the cost of the frogs and shipping.
I used to have real live frogs. My toads, Rocky and Bullwinkle, lived to be 9 years old. I also had many aquarium frogs, fire bellies and tree frogs. I have decided to not own real frogs any more. You should not handle them as your oils from your skin can clog their pores. I wanted them to have a better fuller life of hopping than stuck in a cage by me. Rocky and Bullwinkle would have never survived in the wild after being hand fed their whole lives, but they were fun when I had them.
Go Frogger to get the game styled after the old arcade game of frogger, available for Windows.
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