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This page is dedicated to Rolf Gruendig who lost his fight with cancer. Not only was Rolf a Zola Pleasure Palace user and fellow camper, but he was also a good friend. And now sadly to report, we have lost another close friend and fellow camper "Munchkin", Sandi Niles.

"Kiddos", I hope you have found that great camping site in the cosmos.
Please save us all a spot.
You will be both be dearly missed.

ant Every year a group of us head to our annual Camp Zola. We go to a popular camping site where I reserve the group camp area. It is a great way to celebrate another year with all my friends. Having the place to ourselves allows everyone a chance to interact person to person instead of modem to modem.
antThe space does require a small hike from the car, but once there it is well worth it. First time campers are pleased to find the bathroom facilities complete with flushable toilets and solar heated showers. There is electricity for those who can't leave home without their curling irons.
groupGroup at Camp Zola
ant The food always taste better to me when outdoors. There is nothing like the smell of a camp fire to taint your clothes. And when I have such a nice group of friends to celebrate with, what more could I ask for.
ant There are a few hard core campers who get together many more times during the year to camp. We have made trips to Camp Piru, Camp Arrowhead, Camp Angeles Crest and even Camp Ojai, just to name a few.
mooningMoon Over Camp Zola
Moon over Camp Zola won
"Best Buns Award"
antEveryone knows I must capture that "Kodak Moment" of our special events at any cost. I have a camera with me wherever I go. My 25 years in photography might have something to do with that. Sometimes I think my friends may get tired of hearing me say "smile". After the photos are developed, even the toughest of smilers enjoys their pictures. Below are just a very few pictures of some of our gang.
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