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AwardI believe that all animals have a right to live breathe and die without torture and pain. I try to help fight for their rights by boycotting fur and products that use animal testing. I have turned my home into an animal feeding sanctuary for birds, squirrels, fish, cats, frogs and an occasional raccoon and opossum that wonders into the yard. I refuse to eat veal products and I donate money whenever I can to help support many of the great organizations listed in my links. Please join me in saving an animal from torture, animal testing and/or extinction.
Here is a list of some frightening facts, horrid tortures and animal abuse. After reading some of the facts of abuse below, join in to help speak up for animals who can not. It is hard to believe we still need animal testing for new products like soap, perfume and shampoo, and we use inhumane slaughtering techniques.
Thanks to PETA for a lot of the information found below. Please visit their web site as well as the other sites listed to speak out for the animals. If you would like to donate and get a publication direct from PETA please write to them at PETA Headquarters 501 Front Street Norfolk, VA 23510 U.S.A. I hope you will consider donating and writing letters, AND visiting ALL the links,to help SPEAK UP FOR ANIMALS who can not speak for themselves.

Running Dog

Feral Cats

Alley Cat Allies promotes humane care for feral cat colonies. Stabilizing colonies through sterilization programs is an effective and compassionate solution, and is preferable to repeated attempts to remove feral colonies by eradication. Vacated territories are usually filled by other strays moving in to repopulate the area. Neutering cats stops many problems associated with alley cats, such as spraying toms and yowling females in heat.
Over 50 percent of feral kittens get sick and die, causing much unnecessary suffering to the kittens as well as a distressing sight for neighborhood people. Sterilized cats become friendlier and easier to deal with. This program is only for hardy and healthy feral cat colonies, not domesticated strays for which homes should be found. We advocate daily feeding and shelter construction for each colony, which results in healthier cats and also reduces their tendencies to roam across busy streets and seek shelter and warmth under automobile hoods.
Many people enjoy taking care of feral colonies, providing long-term, loving care for their colonies. Please visit their page and others like it, Meow Power, for more information on the care and shelter of feral cat communities in your neighborhood. The main goal is to spay and neuter as many feral cats as possible.
Read about my feral community if 19 cats.


China's Asiatic black bears are taken from the wild at a young age and put into bear farms where metal tubes are placed permanently in their gall bladders. Then, they are painfully milked on a regular basis. The Chinese still use these medical techniques as they believe if you ingest this liquid you will become as strong as a bear.
A 3oz. gall bladder that poachers sell here in the United States for $20.00 goes for almost $22,000 in overseas markets.
Eight bear species are on the verge of extinction.
It is believed that fewer than 1,000 Panda Bears remain in the wild.
In Yenikoy, Karacebey, Turkey they have finally set up a sanctuary for 20 formerly abused "Dancing Brown Bears." These bears were taken from the wild as cubs. Their mothers were often shot and the babies noses pierced to hold rings and chains. The gypsy's would take the bears to town to dance on their hind legs. The rings through their noses insured the bears would perform for tourists photos and tips. Here's a new place you can go to get more information on Free the Bears www.freethebears.org.au Tell Tanya Zola sent you.


Most animals killed for their fur are caught in very painful, inhumane steel traps.
It is estimated that 1 out of every 4 animals caught in a steel trap will chew its' own foot off to escape the pain. Sadly, most will die of blood loss, infection or gangrene.
Approximately 3.5 million animals are killed each year by U.S. trappers with 60-75% of them not their target animals.
25 million mink and 5 million foxes are killed by breeders annually.
It takes 60 animals to make 1 fur coat. "Fur - don't buy it, wear it, or give it as a gift"


In 1994, 720 bullfights were held in Spain alone. Before entering the ring, bulls are often given sedatives and hit in the kidneys and some even have Vaseline rubbed into their eyes. Gee that sure sounds like fun. Picadors then stab and taunt the bull and once the matador has killed the bull he then severs the spinal cord, cuts off the ears and horns for trophies.
Please protest Brazils notorious "Farra do Boi", otherwise known as Ox Fun Days. The oxen are chased and tortured for fun, not such a fun day for the oxen. Children are even allowed to chase, stab and torture small oxen as a way of celebration.
Please protest Spain's "Toro Embolado". The bulls are tied to a post in town in front of all the people to witness. Balls of rags and rope are soaked in fuel and then attached to the horns of the bull and set on fire. The bewildered bull tries to escape but to no avail. Sometimes they even use fireworks attached to the horns for celebration. The animal is distressed greatly and suffers severe injuries to its body. Depending how badly it is injured it may be slaughtered or used again in the next celebration.


NASA's Bion project of cruel experiments on monkeys must be stopped ASAP. Tops of monkeys skulls are sliced open and electrodes wired to their brains. Holes are cut into their eyelids and "eye coil" wires are run through the holes and stitched through their eyeballs. Wires are then threaten under the scalp and soldered to circuit boards and cemented into the openings in their skulls. They will be blasted into space alone for 14 days completed restrained. Please see PETA home page for complete facts and what you can do to help stop this. After this article was written, NASA canceled a major part of this project. Unfortunately the animals will still have electrodes implanted into their arm and leg muscles and will be unable to move even an inch for two weeks in outer space. Contact your US congressional representatives and ask them to cancel funding for NASA's $33.2 million Bion Project. By the way these funds come from YOUR tax dollars. You may call 202-224-3121 if you do not know your representatives name.
Shocking photographs were taken recently in a Dutch primate laboratories where chimpanzees are being injected with HIV. The chimps rocked from side to side in their over populated filthy cages huddled for security. Terrified of human contact some ate their own feces or smeared it over their walls. Infant chimps were separated from their mothers.
Although chimp based research has taken place there for over a decade, we are still no closer to finding a cure for AIDS.
Chimps do not react to HIV infection like us as their immune systems differ significantly.
Throughout villages in Kalimantan, baby orangutans are captured and sold as pets.
The growth of logging in Central and West Africa has led to the increased killing of great apes to provide bush meat to logging workers.


In the 1960's nearly 200 wild horses were hunted in the Bahamas to the edge of extinction with only 3 remaining. Today a small group has managed to survive.
Soring is a painfully process used to accentuate a horses gait. The forelegs are injected with a chemical or mechanical irritant. When it walks it quickly lifts it front legs to relieve the pain.
The largest of the US slaughter houses kill nearly 1500 per week.
During the past three years more than one million US bred horses were slaughtered for human consumption in foreign countries.
The slaughter of a horse can include throat slitting, electric shots to the head often more than once, and hoisting the animal by its hind legs so it can bleed to death.


The vast majority of dogs sold in a pet shop are raised in "puppy mills." These mills often consist of small wood crates, wire meshed cages or trailer cabs all kept outdoors. Female dogs are bred constantly which usually takes its toll of the females which are killed at age 6 or 7 as their bodies wear out. The puppies are taken from their mothers at 4-8 weeks and sold to brokers who pack them in crates for transport to pet shops. Sometimes hundreds of miles are traveled without adequate food, ventilation, water or shelter.
In today's society where unwanted dogs and cats are killed by the millions at animal shelters, there is no reason why more dogs are being bred and sold for pet shop trade. Only when people refuse to support pet shops, puppy mills and breeders, will this chain of misery be broken.
Helpless rabbits and other small animals are torn apart in standard training practices for Greyhound racers known as "live lure training."
Greyhounds are raced until they are too old or injured to make any money. Then they are sold to animal testing labs or abandoned on city streets and country roads.
Please help our friend, Linda Blair at her World Heart Foundation. She has a true love and compassion for animals and fighting to put an end to animal abuse.


Oil and Gas company exhaust stacks are fiery death traps for birds and bats. Many will land to build nests and will fall in. Not being able to fly vertically, they will be overcome by the fumes when the equipment ignites. Texaco, Shell and Chevron have all agreed to cap their stacks by the end of September 1996.
Many species of birds mate for life and most birds in the wild will not take another mate unless the first is lost. Similar to puppy mills, these animals are raised under poor conditions. Birds do not have to be kept in healthy conditions or fed high quality food to produce eggs. Eggs are removed and hatched by incubator which is a signal to the females to produce another eventually depleting her health.
.....Sarah Huber and her flock would like to add the comment.... While some breeders do what you said, You failed to mention, (or perhaps didn't know about) the fact that this can actually HELP some species of birds. Parrots have a breeding time.. A certain time of the year when most of the breeding is done. If the first clutch of eggs are removed then YES, the female will hopefully produce another clutch of eggs. One extra clutch isn't going to hurt her if she is fed a good diet. and plenty of calcium The hyacinth macaw is going extinct. If captive birds can raise an extra clutch, and the babies can eventually be released into the wild, isn't that like... A wonderful thing? Please also mention this in your site so people know there ARE some good guys out there trying to make things better...thanks :)
Thanks Sarah for letting our viewers know there are good breeders out there!!! :-)
... Shana Love would like to add... I just found your site and want to comment about the Bird Lady's comment about the Hyacinth macaw. Yes, some bird species are endangered. But why
does this lady seem to think that by preserving this race in cpativity this should be good? These birds are still going to be denied their right to fly, forage, and socialize in their natural habitat. Most birds are not allowed to fly at all, and are kept alone in their cages all day and night. I say no captive birds, no matter how endangered they are.
Sincerely, Shana


It is estimated that there are only 5,000 tigers left in the wild.
Father Flanagan had never dreamed his famous "Boys Town" in Nebraska would be undergoing such experiments on cats. Boys Town national research hospital has gotten nearly $3 million in US government grants to experiment on cats. This article is taken from PETA Animal Times Fall of 1996. Please see their web sight for more information and obtaining a copy of all of the information on my web page. To continue... an experimenter named Glenn Farley starved 42 cats to have them each loose 20 pounds. By making them cry he could do an experiment on "Vocal tract control." Some cats cried for two hours before a mechanical device would drop a wet food mixture into their cages. After this 6 months of hunger (he called training), Farley implanted a T-shaped tube in each cat's throat and hooked wires to it to record the animals cries. Then he screwed a metal device into their skulls and cemented it into place to immobilize the cats. He pickles their heads when they die to keep on a shelf. What is this need for?? PLEASE SPEAK OUT!
At the same Boys Town a husband and wife team J. Walsh and JoAnn McGee slice open kittens heads and cut the nerves in their brains. This sick act is supposedly to learn how the ear works. Many kittens are born mutilated and die young as they can not survive the traumas.
You can help by writing to Revered Val J. Peter, JCD STD Executive Director Father Flanagan's Boys Home Town, Boys Town, NE 68010. Let him know that you will not support the efforts at Boys Town until ALL EXPERIMENTS on animals are banned. I can not receive financial aide for college being unemployed , but millions of dollars can be wasted on BULL SH*T like this? Please speak up for the animals.
A cats claws are used to capture prey, climbing and self defense. Declawing involves general anesthesia and amputation of the last joint of each toe including the bone, not just the nail. The nail may even grow back into the paw causing pain but not being visible to the eye. This procedure is illegal in Germany and parts of Europe.
At an animal training school in Florida a whistle blower for PETA entered the class. He observed tigers being hit in the face with PCV pipes and jabbing the lions with wooden sticks and dragging them by the neck in shackles and chains to make them "behave" and "perform." When not being handled the cats cement and steel cages offer nothing close to their natural habitat. Leopards often go without food for days.
Tigers are being trapped, shot and killed by poachers for the black market


Animal deaths used to be in the tens of thousands for the dolphin. Last year an estimated 4,000 dolphins were killed in fishing nets used for tuna.
In response to public outcry, tuna companies voluntarily chose to only use "dolphin-safe" methods that do not lead to high dolphin mortality's.
It's been asserted that dolphin-safe-tuna fishing methods now result in high sea turtle deaths. Legislation is being discussed to rectify this new problem with talk of going back to the old style fishing nets.


Please have a look at Ocean Bound Orcas. Here you will find pages of information on orcas in captivity. Including a complete listing of deaths recorded in captivity, pictures of killer whale captures, a letter from a Marine Biologist on captivity, and information on certain orcas still held for our "education". I hope this page helps you to better understand that some things are not what they really seem to be. You can even adopt an Orca here.


While I understand that mice and other animals must be used in testing of vital medicines for humans, the needless suffering of ANY animal for useless experiments can not be tolerated. Kimberly Clark , the makes of Huggies Diapers, have doled out more than $140,000 to three professor who use and kill mice for wet huggies. These professors have convinced experimenters that smearing human baby feces and urine on the shaved back of mice will teach them more about diaper dermatitis. These wastes were taped to mice for more than 48 hours (who ever leaves their child wet for this long?) and then the mice were killed. Their skins were then sliced off for examination. Other experts were consulted who say the data is meaningless. Mice are not good "models" for humans as their skin reacts differently than the bottom of babies. Diaper rash can be avoided by changing your baby frequently, washing bottom with a mild "cruelty free" soap and sprinkle cornstarch on bottom to keep dry. Also exposure to air wards off the rash.
You can help by sending letters of protest to. Mr. Wayne R. Sanders Chair & CEO Kimberly-Clark Corp. Airport Station Box 61900 Dallas, TX 75261.


Did you know that Poinsettia plants can be fatal to your pet if eaten?
Adopt a pet from your local pound. Animals who arrive in "Pound Seizure" , who have not been claimed by former or new owners within 5 days, are required to be turned over on demand to laboratory experimentation.
Having your pet spayed or neutered is one solution to stop some of the needless suffering of overpopulation.
A flea collar around your pets neck is like a toxic cloud around your animal 24 hours a day. Cats and dogs, and sometimes even their owners, can become poisoned by the pesticides used in flea powders, sprays and collars. See PETA page for more information on methods you can use without toxins.
A better solution to cat declawing is to make two or more scratching posts to allow your cat to stretch on as well as regular manicures.
Antifreeze has a sweet taste and can be lethal to dogs, cats, squirrels and birds so please make sure your car doesn't leak.

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